Business Voice Communications

Business Voice Solutions

Teledata Solutions Group provides superior VoIP quality, reliability, and flexibility for customers in need of an  easy solution that streamline and simplify your operations. Our  cloud-based system provides the backbone to your communications network. We offer the ultimate platform for any business in need of seamless, ultra-flexible connectivity.

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Features and Benefits

  • Cloud Based Communication

    Our business voice solutions offer the best of cloud-based unified communications services. This network backbone component ensures unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and reliability. We offer guaranteed 99.999% uptime, built-in business continuity, and voice-optimized call routing and controls for end-to-end communications support.

  • Pure Cloud Architecture
    We offer a pure cloud deployment platform. Designed for businesses that want peerless call quality, communications flexibility, and exceptional system support. We offer a pure cloud deployment platform that includes the softphone and mobile app softphone included with the service at no additional cost.

  • Intuitive Management
    Our user-friendly platform prioritizes the user experience with intuitive management controls. Users can navigate to their critical communications tools with ease to stay connected, efficient, and productive.
  • Multi-Location Flexibility
    Our Business Voice optimizes your operations from one location to many. All phones are connected and operate as a single system allowing for direct extension dialing, seamless call transfers, ring groups, call queues, and more.
  • Proprietary Network Backbone
    Business Voice is run on our proprietary private backbone, a redundant, reliable, and secure communications network for your mission-critical communications. We built our architecture with your business in mind to help support you with ultra-reliable, high-quality communications.
  • Contact/ Call Center Included
    Our hosted phone systems include our exclusive contact center at no extra monthly charge.